Mission and Vission

The Association is a voluntary and independent union of individuals.

It set its target of operation as to support and promote the development of Actuarial Science and Practice, as well as professional training, maintain and enhance communication with state and private organizations and establishments and contribute to the solution of actuary, social, economic and financial problems in the Republic of Latvia.

The Association will set forward its tasks as follows and specifically to:

  • Promote Actuarial Science and Practice, as well professional training in the territory of Latvia;
  • Promote further professional education of actuaries;
  • Support and promote professional research and applied studies in the field;
  • Promote creative activities of actuaries in solving scientific issues of the profession;
  • Develop and update as necessary the Code of Practice of Actuaries and provide for the observation of its norms;
  • Study, represent and advocate professional interests of actuaries;
  • Get involved as an active player in the actuary domain worldwide and represent interests of Latvian actuaries abroad;
  • Execute other profession related tasks that constitute no contradiction to the effective legislation.


Baiba Močāne

Chairman of the Board


Tel.: +371 26544915

E-mail: baiba.mocane@gmail.com

Andrejs Matvejevs

Member of the Board


Tel.: +371 26015121

E-mail: andrejs.matvejevs@rtu.lv

Ilze Zariņa-Cīrule

Member of the Board


Tel.: +371 29419197

E-mail: ilze.zarina@bta.lv

Elīna Tilta-Gerika

Member of the Board


Tel.: +371 29455531

E-mail: Elina.Tilta-Gerika@seb.lv

Irina Voronova

Member of the Board


E-mail: irina.voronova@rtu.lv

Velta Dzene

Member of the Board


E-mail: pvelta@latnet.lv

Inta Cīmure

Member of the Board


E-mail: inta.cimure@inbox.lv


Full members

Any person of 21 years old and over that agrees to the Charter of the Association, Code of Practice of Actuaries and is willing to contribute – both by their efforts and available means - to the promotion of tasks and targets of the Association can be a Member of the Association.

Members of the Association are liable to:

  • Honour the Charter of the Association;
  • Follow management resolutions;
  • Keep the Code of Practice of Actuaries;
  • Regularly pay their Membership Subscription;
  • Support the realization of tasks and targets set by the Association by their activities.

Members of the Association are entitled to:

  • Elect and be elected as Association’s Board Member or Auditor as based on the procedures stipulated in the Charter;
  • Receive information of the operation of the Association, including getting themselves familiar with Protocols, Decisions and Decrees based on the procedures approved by the Board;
  • Co-operate in other structural units of the Association;
  • Publish their work in Association’ s publications and editions;
  • Receive managerial and methodological support in their professional, scientific or educational activities in accordance with the operational targets of the Association;
  • Have Access to all professional, educational and scientific data that is available within the competence of the Association;
  • Withdraw from the Association by applying to the Board in written form.

Honorary members

The General Meeting of Members might grant a Member a title of the Honorary Member of the Association in return to their special contribution to the course of the Association in reaching its targets and completing its tasks, or to the development of the Actuarial Science, Practice or professional training.

Associate members

Any candidate can become an Associated Member of the Association provided they have applied accordingly, passed their qualification exams, paid their Affiliation Fee and comply with other requirements set by the Association. 

Any Associated Member can become a Fellow-Member of the Association of Actuaries, provided they have applied accordingly, passed their qualification exams and comply with other requirements set by the Association.

Candidate members

In order to be considered as a candidate, a person will apply in written form to the Board of the Association and pay their regular Candidate Membership Subscription.

Candidate Members are eligible to:

  • Have access to the professional, scientific and educational information available at Association’s disposal;
  • Participate in open General Meeting of Members without right to vote.