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Actuarial associations:

Starptautiskā Aktuāru Asociācija
International Association of Actuaries
Estonian Association of Actuaries
Association of Actuaries
Groupe Consultatif Actuariel Europeen:
Groupe Consultatif Actuariel Europeen:


Eiropas Aktuāru Akadēmija
European Academy of Actuaries
Banku augstskola
Banking Institution of Higher Education

Guest lectures, actuarial course

Viļņas Universitātes maģistra grāda studijām
Vilnius University Master's Degree Studies 

Financial and Actuarial Mathematics 

Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte
Riga Technical University 

Financial Engineering Program, Guest Lectures 


Claims Reserving Manual (Institute/Faculty of Actuaries):

Solvency II development (European Commission):

IAA on Solvency II development:

Loss Reserwing Articles:

Swiss Re: Reserving for severe bodily injury


IASB Educational Session: Non-Life Claims Liability 

Ultimate Liability IBNR and IBNER Concept:

Brown: Short Explanation on IBNR:

IBNR reserving Method:

Lecture Christopher David Daykin (UK): Professionalism Event for Qualified Actuaries

Lecture Christopher David Daykin (UK): Disciplinary Process

Lecture Christopher David Daykin (UK): Professional standards for Solvency II

Lecture Christopher David Daykin (UK): Wider fields for actuaries

Andrejs Matvejes: Publications

Ilze Zariņa-Cīrule: Publications

Irina Voronova: Publications

Gaida Petere: Publications

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